Thursday, July 31

Longest week EVER

Everyone has those weeks sometimes. The weeks where it feels like you've done a million and one things, and you still have an entire list of things left! Your desk is a mess, you can't find your pen, and you barely feel like you can find your own head. That's been this week for me. With work being extra busy, it's hard to de-stress after you leave the office (or if you work at home, it's even harder!). I know from experience, though, that not allowing yourself to relax and take your mind off of the busy week is not good for anyone – not you, and not the people around you. Let it out in your own way before you dump your stress onto someone else!

Clear up your work area.
Whether it is closing the thirty tabs you have open in your browser, or putting your multiple papers from various projects into folders and getting organized, it always helps to get your things where they belong. By putting your things in order, it helps get your brain in order, too.

Write it down.
While you may think that a "to-do" list only makes things even more daunting, it really does help for you to see everything you have to do, all in one place. It will help you prioritize – you can decide that you can wait until tomorrow to pick up your dry cleaners, but you really need to get to the grocery store today.

Style Guides count as reading, right?
Get your mind off of work.
If you've been wrapped up in a project all day at work, or if you're a college student studying for a major exam, you need to give yourself some downtime. If you love cooking, take a couple of hours to cook a truly delicious meal with a friend. If you wind down best alone, with a glass of wine and a good book, carve some time out to treat yourself.

Cutest book you've ever seen, or what?
Turn your phone, computer, iPad... off.
I know, this one is the hardest. Having a constant reminder of work through electronics can be kind of exhausting! Sometimes it's nice to cook that dinner without Instagramming it, read the actual book, on paper, or just take a break from those forever-flowing emails.

What do you do to unwind after a long week?


Tuesday, July 29

Shop the day away

This weekend, I had the chance to go shopping with my best friend Raquel (who writes eat. live. splurge., a food and lifestyle blog!), which we haven't done in forever. I was set to save, but I got caught up in the moment and bought a few fun new pieces! Thankfully they were total steals, so I don't feel too guilty. ;)

Ann Taylor Harper Peeptoe Heels $138 $125 $50 | 63% off!
With Ann Taylor having all sale styles at an extra sixty percent off, we knew we had to go see what we could find. I love these snakeskin heels; I'm not usually one for strappy shoes, but I love the height of these, and I definitely think they'll get a lot of wear!

Twist-back top in hibiscus floral
J.Crew Twist-Back Top in Hibiscus Floral $88 $60 $36 code treat | 59% off!
This tropical print keeps me in summer mode. It had a very flattering cut, and is easy to throw on with jeans and flats.

Ann Taylor Stretch Twill Pencil Skirt $69 $50 $2072% off!
I've been in desperate need of some new skirts, and there were a ton of pretty ones on sale. This is simple, and the twill is very comfortable to wear in the summer heat!

Linked pear stone necklace
I'm always looking for great new statement necklaces, and I love this one! The tiny pops of color throughout make this a really beautiful piece (and the price tag isn't bad, either).


Monday, July 28

Weekend recap: whimsical wedding

This weekend was a blast. After I finally kicked my cold to the curb, I went to my cousin's wedding! It was held at a gorgeous bed and breakfast in a small town in Virginia, and the scenery was amazing. It was great to spend time with family, and Eric came along. The theme included wildflowers everywhere, and a very casual vibe.

Photo: Gorgeous view for a wedding!
Enjoying the scenery.

Photo: He's so pretty. ☺️
Caught in the flowers!

Eric wore a gray Banana Republic suit with a great J.Crew tie I recently got during one of the amazing sales. I wore a simple one-sleeved navy dress that's been in my closet for years, and paired it with a new necklace from J.Crew!


 English silk tweed tie in thin stripe

Stone frame necklaceAubrey midheel sandals


You give me fever

Last week, I got the plague. The sniffly, coughy plague. What a terrible time to have it, too! The day after I got back from vacation, it all began. (I think I might be allergic to leaving the beach.)

When I'm sick, there's nothing I want more than to curl up in my bed with a good rom-com blaring and the effects of NyQuil start to work their magic. However, there are some things that always help make me a little more cozy...

Microplush Blanket $23 for twin, $31 for king
If you don't own one of these yet, in sickness or in health, these things are amazing. They are incredibly soft, and amazing for colder weather to layer under your comforter! This one is from Target's Threshold collection and is super affordable.

Tauba Short $54 $17
Great pajamas will help transform your ordinary bedroom into a cozy oasis. I love this set from Sleepy Jones - they have a ton of other patterns on sale, too!

When your diet consists of hot tea, crackers, and more hot tea, it's nice to have something pretty to drink it out of! I love this adorable pick from Kate Spade New York.

Let's face it - you don't want to put real shoes on if you don't have to. This amazing pair of UGG slippers from Nordstrom will keep your feet toasty and cozy, even on a late-night chicken noodle soup run.


Friday, July 25

Build a classic wardrobe

The older I get, the more I require wardrobe staples in my closet. I love having simple pieces that are easy to throw together - jeans, button-down and flats tend to be my fall wardrobe. I have my favorites, too. I love the soft boy shirts from J.Crew, and just-enough-stretch denim from Loft. Where do you get your classic wardrobe essentials?

Skinny Jeans
LOFT's jeans always tend to fit me. They have just the right amount of stretch, and their 'skinny' isn't skin-tight; they really have the perfect denim!

This tan-gray color will easily match with most pieces in your wardrobe. Look effortlessly chic and dressy by throwing this on!

Pointy Flats
Ella Flats | Steven
Pointy shoes can easily take any outfit up a notch. You can go simple with leather, or go wild with a fun pattern.

Popover in arrow print
Button Downs
J.Crew has the best popovers and boy shirts in every color and pattern imaginable - this one is on sale! ;)

The downtown field jacket
Structured Jacket
I love this jacket because it can be worn casually or dressed up. It is nice enough to wear to work, and the fabric is more stiff, which keeps its shape well. I'm definitely going to wear this from fall through spring!


Dress up business: Ann Taylor

Every time I turn around, I find myself wanting something new. For me, it always tends to be work clothes. There has to be something to break up monotonous work days, right? When I get to put together a cute outfit for a mundane weekday, it always makes the day a little better. So when I heard about the 60% off everything at Ann Taylor sale, I had to get a piece of it!

Floral Stone Bracelet $60 $55 $22

Annabel Leather Block Heels $128 $115 $46
Madison Skirt $59 $50 $20

Crossover Sheath Dress $139 $80 $32


Wednesday, July 23

Let's sleep in

One of the things I'm looking forward to most when I get a new place of my own is getting to buy new furniture. I currently have some matching pieces, but they are fairly inexpensive and don't look as nice as I'd like. It's hard to avoid breaking the bank when buying furniture, but I always have IKEA as a go-to when I want to get a great look without spending a ton.

Right now, I'm totally obsessed with the gray-brown wood from IKEA. I like the soft color that looks a infinitely nicer than your generic birch. I think this is a welcoming, warm wood that would be great for a cozy bedroom.

Bed Frame $179
Linen Lamp Shade $25 $13
Table Lamp $55 $39

Chair $95
Desk $279
Vase $75

Dresser $229


Tuesday, July 22

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has been going on, and now is the time when it really gets challenging. The obviously amazing deals are being snatched up, sizes are missing, and you're panicking! Well, now you don't have to. 

I wanted to round up my very favorite pieces that are still available, and are still amazing deals. Whether you're looking to splurge on a designer statement piece, or you just want to add to your fall wardrobe for less, you can find something at this sale!


'Scotia' Lace Pencil Skirt  Leather Tote

'lottie' pump (Women)   'Marine' 59mm Sunglasses   'The 48-20' Chronograph Watch, 48mm
Burberry Brit 'Cobridge' Hooded Anorak with Detachable Liner $995 $660 34% off
Diane von Furstenberg 'Scotia' Lace Pencil Skirt $245 $164 33% off
Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Tote $528 $353 34% off
Kate Spade New York 'Lottie' Pump $350 $220 38% off
Jimmy Choo 'Marine' 59mm Sunglasses $370 $234 37% off
Nixon 'The 48-20' Chronograph Watch, 48mm $500 $335 33% off


'Azalya' Mini Wedge Flat (Women)   Knit Nightshirt (Online Only)   Cutaway Wrap Back Shell (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Knit & Faux Leather Hooded Moto Jacket   Colorblock Herringbone Print Dress   'Bow' Clutch

Louise et Cie 'Azalya' Mini Wedge Flat $110 $70 37% off
Lauren Ralph Lauren Knit Nightshirt $66 $44 33% off
Topshop Cutaway Wrap Back Shell $68 $45 34% off
bebe Knit and Faux Leather Moto Jacket $128 $80 38% off
MICHAEL Michael Kors Colorblock Herringbone Print Dress $150 $100 33% off
Ted Baker London 'Bow' Clutch $120 $80 34% off


Monday, July 21

Time to update

August is coming, and I can't believe how quickly it is arriving. Back in the day, I looked forward to the end of summer with such anticipation; buying school supplies, a new pair of sneakers, and maybe even a cool new backpack. Nowadays, the changing of seasons merely causes a flutter of excitement for the prospect of a new season of fashion. 

Fall is one of the best seasons for clothing and accessories, in my opinion. After the hot days of summer have passed, you get to start in on sweaters, pants, and lots of layers! I'm ready for a few new pieces for the season to come, and there's no better time than the present to start shopping for it. I'm especially loving neutrals, the following included:

Michael Kors 'Bailey' Chronograph Bracelet Watch $250 $167
Kate Spade New York Bon Voyage Annabella $148 $103
Tory Burch 'Plaque' Zip Continental Wallet $225 $150
Banana Republic Carter Flat $118 $110 $66 code BRPICK3
Frye 'Molly' Gore Leather Boot $418 $280
J.Crew Cotton Twill Swing Trench $248 $180 $108 code SALEFUN
C. Wonder Silk Band Collar Shirt $98 $49
Topshop Fairisle Snood $36 $20